Triumph Motorcycles will enter the Monster Energy AMA SuperMotocross World Championship at the start of the 2024 season, with a fully supported factory race program established in the United States to run motocross operations under the all-new global Triumph Racing banner.


Set-up and operated in partnership with Bobby Hewitt, this new Triumph Racing team will field two of Triumph’s all-new 250cc 4-stroke MX bikes in the 2024 SuperMotocross World Championship West and East Coast series before entering the 450cc premier class in 2025.


Demonstrating that Triumph’s single-minded ambition and commitment to win is central to this new partnership, Bobby’s former Team Manager, Stephen ‘Scuba’ Westfall, will lead this new Triumph Racing US operation. Bobby and Scuba are a formidable combination, with Supercross championship winning pedigree, and an enviable history of success at Pro and top Amateur level, with a racing record that speaks for itself. Together, they share with Triumph the same long-term vision and commitment to delivering success in competition and racing.


As a significant addition to Triumph Racing’s worldwide portfolio, which also includes all of Triumph’s racing-related activities including the Moto2TM World Championship and Supersport racing, Bobby and Scuba’s team will focus on the SuperMotocross World Championship with responsibility for development of racing performance and talent to build Triumph’s future strength in motocross across the United States.


The team will be backed by Triumph’s in-house off-road design engineering department, which is responsible for the concept and development of the powertrains and chassis for the all-new MX and Enduro motorcycle range, and will benefit from their commitment to building on the resources, performance capability, and world-class knowledge and expertise.


True to that ethos, Triumph Racing is based at Triumph’s Global Headquarters in Hinckley, UK, where all of the brand’s research, design, engineering development and prototype build are located, while the SuperMotocross World Championship operation will be based at a dedicated new state-of-the-art race facility in the USA.


This program also incorporates Triumph Racing’s recently announced FIM Motocross World Championship team, created in partnership with Thierry Chizat-Suzzoni, which is building towards entry into the 250cc MX2 class in 2024, with the 450cc MXGP class to follow in 2025 .Engineering teams from the Triumph factory and both of the new race teams have been working closely together on enhancing chassis and engine performance through an intensive testing schedule underway in the USA, UK and mainland Europe.


Both race teams have also been working together on joint testing of the new Triumph motocross bikes, sharing key data and rider feedback on the specifications, performance characteristics and components with the Factory engineering group. The benefits of this race development information are being fed directly into each model of Triumph new motocross range, the full details of launch being made public in the near future.


Further information about Triumph Racing’s entry into the Monster Energy AMA SuperMotocross World Championship, with the 250cc bike in 2024 and the 450cc bike in 2025, will be announced next year.


Quotes follow:

Nick Bloor – CEO, Triumph:

“Following close on the heels of our recent announcement to enter the FIM Motocross World Championship in 2024, today’s launch of Triumph’s partnership with the incredibly talented team of Bobby and Scuba in the all-new Monster Energy AMA SuperMotocross World Championship continues our journey to the top tier of off-road competition and racing. I have no doubt, knowing the experience and capability shared between our dedicated in-house design and engineering teams, and Bobby’s hand selected team of racing experts, that this partnership will make an indelible mark on the history of this incredible sport and Triumph’s illustrious brand.”


Bobby Hewitt – Triumph Racing Team Owner (SuperMotocross World Championship and US Amateur MX):

“I always knew I would eventually get back into racing but to be able to do it with an iconic brand like Triumph, and to be able to help build this US Triumph Racing team from the ground up is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Triumph Motorcycles have been a part of my family growing up and to have them now decide to enter into professional off road racing is a tremendous opportunity for our sport and a testament to the growth of the motorcycle industry overall in America. I am also very fortunate to be able to work with Scuba (Steve Westfall) again and add the experience of Dave (Dave Arnold) and Dudley (Dudley Cramond) to our team. I am honored to be working alongside everyone at the factory in Hinckley and cannot wait to get back to the race track in 2024 with our new team and compete for an SMX World Championship!”


Ricky Carmichael – Global Off-Road Ambassador, Triumph:

“It is great to take this next step in announcing our US Triumph Racing Team. Bobby’s success in our sport as a championship team owner speaks for itself. The team he has assembled is already working with the factory in Hinckley during these final stages of development. They are some of the best people to have worked in our paddock and this shows the level of commitment, across the board, in this effort to compete for the SMX World Championship. I look forward to working with Bobby and the entire team when we go racing in 2024.”


Jeremy Appleton – Global Racing Manager, Triumph:

“Our entry into the Monster Energy AMA SuperMotocross World Championship in 2024, with a Factory supported Triumph Racing team, continues to build on our commitment to compete at the highest level of off-road racing. This new partnership with Bobby, Scuba, and their world class team, will bring together all of their extensive knowledge and experience, with our all-new competition motocross machines, to deliver on our shared ambition to write a whole new chapter in the world of Supercross and Motocross.”


Dave Prater – Vice President, Supercross, Feld Motor Sports:

“We are excited to have a manufacturer with the rich history and racing heritage Triumph has, invest in the SuperMotocross World Championship. Triumph has proven they can enter a new racing category with incredible success. They have recently redefined the Moto2 World Championship class with an amazing reliability record. We believe Triumph will quickly make a positive impact on the sport.”


Tim Cotter – Sr Director of MX Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing:

“The announcement by Triumph Motorcycles, to return to the American motocross racing and sporting environment, marks one of the most exciting additions to these programs in the modern competition era. Triumph enjoys a prestigious position in the history of the sport of professional and amateur motorcycle competitions in the US, and this new announcement brings with it the deserved anticipation and high expectations of an excited American motorcycle racing community. It’s an honor for our company to welcome the return of Triumph Motorcycles and to look forward, with great anticipation, as they take on the world’s best riders and teams, on the best tracks, riding against the best assortment of motorcycle brands ever assembled in the history of our sport.”


Mike Pelletier – Director of Racing, American Motorcyclist Association:

“It’s rare when a major manufacturer – especially one with such distinguished competition history over the decades – joins our sport’s premier racing series. I can’t tell you how excited I am – and the AMA is – to welcome Triumph to AMA Supercross, Pro Motocross and SuperMotocross for 2024. I’ve developed a great relationship with Triumph’s newly appointed Team Principal Bobby Hewitt and Team Manager Steve Westfall over the years, and it’s been a pleasure working with Triumph from the very beginning of its path to professional Supercross and Motocross. Triumph’s racing history is monumental, and we can’t wait to watch the newest chapter unfold during the 2024 season and beyond.”

Triumph Motorcycles confirms plans to compete in the prestigious FIM Motocross World Championship in 2024, with a factory supported race programme under an all-new Triumph Racing banner.

This landmark new Triumph Racing Team has been set-up in partnership with Thierry Chizat-Suzzoni, one of the sport’s most experienced and successful team owners, who will field two of Triumph’s all-new 250cc 4-stroke MX bikes in the 2024 MX2 class and will add an entry into the 450cc MXGP class in 2025.

Under the new Triumph Racing banner, which will now cover all of Triumph’s racing-related activities including Moto2 and Supersport racing, the partnership between Triumph and Thierry will encompass his well established and highly successful team structure and facilities. Further under-pinning the ambition and commitment to win central to this new partnership, Triumph is also pleased announce that his long-standing Team Manager, Vincent Bereni, will continue leading the team with a full crew of highly experienced technical staff all focused on bringing Triumph to the pinnacle of motocross racing performance.

The new long-term partnership between Triumph and Thierry reflects a shared goal and commitment to build depth and success into Triumph Racing’s approach to competition. As a part of Triumph Racing’s portfolio of commitments, Thierry and Vincent’s team will focus on the FIM Motocross World Championship – in MX2 and MXGP, together with development of technology and talent to build Triumph’s future strength in international motocross racing.

Thierry and Vincent’s past racing record speaks for itself – with over 80 MXGP World Championship victories and a huge reputation for technical and preparation excellence. Backed by Triumph’s in-house motocross design engineering department, which is responsible for the concept and development of its all-new MX and Enduro motorcycle range, Triumph Racing is committed to building its resources and performance capability with world-class knowledge and experience.

Triumph Racing is based at Triumph’s Global Headquarters in Hinckley, UK, where the brand’s research, design, engineering development and prototype build are located, and the Motocross World Championship team will be based at Thierry’s race facility near Eindhoven in Holland, where race team personnel, operations and competition development will be housed. Engineering groups at the Triumph factory and the race team are working closely together on continuously enhancing chassis and engine performance through an intensive testing schedule underway in the USA, UK and mainland Europe, building towards the first MX2 Grand Prix of the 2024 FIM Motocross World Championship.

Testing of the new Triumph motocross and enduro bikes is well underway and information on the specifications, performance characteristics and components of each model will be released in due course, along with more news on Triumph Racing’s entry into further top-tier Championships and categories.

Nick Bloor – CEO, Triumph:
“Our new partnership with Thierry demonstrates Triumph’s long-term commitment to competing at the highest levels of racing. We share a passion for delivering world-class performance, and the experience Thierry and his team bring will prove invaluable in our ambition to make our mark on a very competitive championship. Our entry into the FIM Motocross World Championship with a Factory supported Triumph Racing team signifies a landmark moment at the beginning of our new top-tier off-road racing campaign”.

Thierry Chizat-Suzzoni – Triumph Racing Team Owner (MX2 and MXGP):

“Triumph have made a major commitment to build an MX bike and go racing in the FIM World Motocross Championship. I am happy that my team is going to be the official Triumph Racing Team in MX2 and MXGP. Nick Bloor and the Triumph Board of Directors have made their long-term ambitions for the project very clear and I see a huge amount of passion from everyone at the Factory. I am happy with progress on the bike, it looks great, has speed on the track and Vincent and my staff are working with the engineers at Hinckley on building it into a competitive package for entry into the MX2 Championship in 2024. MXGP continues to grow around the world, I am very happy to be back and looking forward to going racing with Triumph”.

David Luongo – CEO, Infront Moto Racing:
“It is a great news! Probably one the most important in recent years. Infront Moto Racing will welcome a new manufacturer in the MX2 and MXGP World Championship. We are talking about one of the most emblematic motorcycle brands in the world. Triumph will join our championship from 2024 with a full program in MX2 and MXGP categories. This is a very important announcement and is a fantastic sign about the interest and the importance of MXGP in the international motorsport scene. During the last 20 years, MXGP has been growing and has established globally. With an average of 19 events per year, it gives the best platform for manufacturers to develop their bikes, components and to advertise them worldwide. From Asia to South America, going through Europe, MXGP is covering all the different markets and is touching most of the off road fans in the world. It is with a great pride and excitement that we welcome Triumph to MXGP and we wish them a lot of success in the years to come and a great competition with the other Factory Teams already present!”

Jeremy Appleton – Global Racing Manager, Triumph: 

“The launch of Triumph Racing is a pivotal step in our journey to bring Triumph to the pinnacle of racing across an even wider range of disciplines. Building on Triumph’s success as the sole engine supplier to the Moto2 World Championship and our participation in Supersport racing, the move into MX2 and MXGP opens the door on a strategically important new chapter in top-tier off-road racing. We well know the demands of World Championship competition and that is the reason for forming the partnership with Thierry. Together with Vincent, their approach to racing and development of performance is impressive and we are looking forward to building the project together and adding to the success that they have already achieved in the Motocross World Championship”

Ricky Carmichael – Global Off-Road Ambassador, Triumph: 

“I’m really excited about today’s news. It’s been a long time coming. Since the start of this project with Triumph, I have been amazed at just how hard everyone has been working. It must not go without mentioning, the whole R&D and engineering group that have been a part of the development of the motorcycles have done an absolutely incredible job. From the first stages of the prototypes, I was really taken back at how well the performance was, since then, being in the UK testing the newest developments, I can tell you that it has the capabilities of winning at the highest level and I personally believe the riders, from professional to amateur, across the entire range of off road models, will really like what has been developed!”

Get up close to the brand new Tiger 1200 at Phillip McCallen Triumph.

Stunning from every angle, the new Tiger 1200 brings incredible poise and presence to the next generation of Triumph’s flagship adventure machine. Developed by Triumph specialists with unstoppable road and off-road performance at the heart of its design, every facet of the new Tiger has been designed with purpose and intent to deliver the most capable large capacity adventure motorcycle available.

Join us on Thursday 24th March from 6PM until 8PM, see the all new Tiger 1200 and learn more about Triumph’s flagship adventure machine.

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As the year draws to a close we would like to take the time to say ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of our customers and clients. 2021 has been another unusual year for everyone, worldwide. Phillip McCallen Motorcycles has managed to keep going through the difficult times with the support of you our customers and our terrific staff. We are looking forward to better times in 2022, for which we have new and exciting plans! We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2022.

The new Speed Triple 1200 RR delivers a new pinnacle in the style and design of Triumph’s modern roadster icon.

As stunning to look at as it is exhilarating to ride, with the highest specification ever.




Combining distinctive British elegance and style with exhilarating real-world performance, the Speed Triple 1200 RR is the ultimate sports bike for the road.



Escaping the city or tearing up the track, the RR’s advanced IMU-controlled switchable Optimised Cornering ABS and Traction Control systems inspire confidence in all situations.


Developed with learnings from the Moto2™ race programme, the RR’s low-inertia triple engine produces a muscular 125Nm of torque, punching its way to a peak power figure of 180PS in a heartbeat.


Quite simply the most sophisticated suspension available from Öhlins – top-of-the range Smart EC 2.0 electronically adjustable, semi-active suspension for superb handling in all conditions.


With a handlebar position 135mm lower and 50mm further forward than the RS, and a footrest position tailored to suit, the RR delivers the most focused ride ever without compromising comfort.


The elegant new cockpit fairing design with its signature single round DRL headlight, combined with its unique clip-on handlebar set-up, make the RR instantly recognisable as the most focused Speed Triple ever.


With profiles designed for exceptional response, handling and grip, the new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V3 tyres deliver high performance on the road and the track.

For more details or to book a Sales Appointment, please call 028 9262 2886 (option 1) or email [email protected]

From Friday 30th April our Lisburn showrooms are open again.

When entering our showrooms, you must wear a mask or visor unless you have a medical exemption. And you should also shop on your own.

We have adopted opening procedures similar to those implemented by other retailers, whereby customers are allowed to browse our showrooms in limited numbers. We use a one-way system and ask all customers to adhere to social distancing rules wherever practical. There are additional cleaning, and sterilising to make the whole store as safe as possible. Hand sanitisers are stationed at each entrance to the showrooms, also new protective screens are installed at key points such as sales desks and parts counters.

Motorcycles Sales and Demo rides are by appointment only for the time being and all within government guidelines.
To book an appointment with one of our Sales Team, please call 028 9262 2886 (option 1) or email [email protected]

Our service department continues to offer parts and service, again within government guidelines. Please call 028 9262 2886 (option 2) or email [email protected] if you have a service or parts query.

Our Clothing department had a strict limit on customers allowed on the clothing floor at any one time to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times. We have disposable balaclavas for trying on helmets and a quarantine system for all garments that have been tried on.  To book an appointment with our Clothing department, please call 028 9262 2886 (option 3) or email [email protected]

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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff and great customers for their support in the past and in the future. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.” – Phillip

Meaner. Moodier. Muscle.
The limited edition Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black takes all of the Rocket 3’s phenomenal performance and all of its class-leading handling and outstanding technology and creates two sophisticated new darker styles, adding a host of unique blacked-out detailing for an even more striking and dominant presence.

Limited Editions
With only 1000 of each limited edition available worldwide, the new Rocket 3 R Black
and GT Triple Black add even more exclusivity, coming with a certificate of authenticity
that carries the motorcycles unique VIN number. The Rocket 3 limited editions take the ultimate high-performance muscle roadster to a new level with an altogether meaner
and moodier attitude.

Two distinctive and unique black paint schemes
The new limited edition Rocket 3 line-up comes in two stunning and sophisticated colour schemes. The Rocket 3 R Black, the ultimate muscle roadster, takes on a dark and moody style with a distinctive matt and gloss all-black paint scheme, with black tank badges and new ‘black’ branding. Alternatively the Rocket 3 GT Triple Black features a sophisticated dark style with a distinctive three-shade black paint scheme, while maintaining all of its laid-back and comfortable attitude.

Dedicated blacked out details and finishes
Both of the new limited edition Rocket 3 R and GT have been enhanced by a unique beautiful range of blacked out components that add an even more aggressive and
dominant style, with a beautiful carbon-fibre front mudguard fitted as standard.

Their world leading 2,500cc engine comes fully blacked out, with unique black painted exhaust headers, heat shields and end caps. A dedicated crinkle black powder coated intake cover finishes off the blacked out engine style, and provides the new, limited edition Rockets with a meaner look and attitude.

The list of blacked-out components continues across both motorcycles. On the front, the new Rockets are enriched with black painted mudguard mounts, black painted headlight bezels, fly screen finishers, radiator cowls and badging. Contributing to the new darker look and style are black anodised components, including fork lowers, yokes, risers and handlebar clamps, rider footrests, brake and gear pedals, heel guards and pillion footrests and hangers. The list of black anodised components continues with the rear frame forging, RSU rocker, swingarm guard, side stand, brake and clutch levers, and premium black anodised bar-end mirrors with machined detailing fitted as standard

Incredible performance
The new Rocket limited edition line-up’s 2,500cc triple engine delivers incredible performance. In fact, it’s not only the largest production motorcycle engine in the World,
but it also delivers the world’s highest torque at 221Nm. Maximum torque arrives at 4,000rpm and is held constantly through the mid-range, giving unparalleled acceleration
and effortless riding at any gear.

Peak power is 167 PS @ 6,000 rpm and the triple engine is tuned to deliver power
from a low 3,500rpm, up to 7,000rpm. 

The Rocket 3 R has recently demonstrated its incredible acceleration by setting a staggering new Triumph production motorcycle record of 0-60 mph in just 2.73 seconds.

The engine of this limited-edition carries the aggressive and dark style with a black painted finish on the iconic, hydroformed three-header exhaust run, which delivers the most magnificent, rich, triple engine roar.

The Rocket 3 R also features a high-performance six-speed helical-cut gearbox and a ’torque assist’ hydraulic clutch.

Phenomenal handling
In regard to handling, both the Rocket 3 R and GT are an absolute revelation, not only in terms of comfort and touring ease, but also in delivering a genuinely dynamic roadster ride, much more akin to a Speed Triple than a traditional cruiser.

Both models feature a lightweight aluminium frame and a very high specification of equipment – on the rear there’s a fully adjustable Showa monoshock RSU with a piggy back reservoir, while up front the upside down Showa 47mm cartridge front forks are adjustable for compression and rebound damping.

The brakes are Brembo’s top specification Stylema road going radial monobloc calipers with twin floating discs. These cutting edge calipers are a lightweight and compact design, with optimised air flow for efficient cooling.

Further highlighting the incredible specification of the Rocket, both models feature a high performance Brembo four piston monobloc caliper and 310mm disc on the rear.

For comfort, the Rocket 3 R and GT come with sculpted rider and pillion saddles, with unique black painted cast aluminium finishers under the seat. Seat height is a low 773mm on the Rocket 3 R, whilst on the GT the seat height is 750mm.

Both also have been designed for maximum seating flexibility, with the option to swop between a twin seat set-up to a single with the accessory infill pad, and to swop to either models set-up with a range of accessory options available. The foot peg position can also be adapted, with adjustable mid-foot controls on the Rocket R, with two vertical position settings to choose from.  The limited edition’s pillion foot pegs can also be hidden thanks to their elegant foldaway design, which comes in a unique black finish.

Class leading technology
The Rocket 3 comes with Triumph’s optimised cornering ABS and traction control as standard.  These are controlled by a sophisticated Inertial Measurement Unit which measures the roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration rates of the bike, in order to calculate the lean angle and optimise braking and traction control accordingly.

The instruments are Triumph’s latest generation full-colour TFTs, which are angle-adjustable and have two information layout themes that can be personalised.

The TFT system has the accessory My Triumph connectivity system software pre-installed, and ready to be activated with an accessory-fit Bluetooth module. This gives the rider GoPro interaction, turn-by-turn navigation and phone and music operation via the switch cubes, with all information displayed and accessible on the TFT screen.

Both models are equipped with four riding modes – Road, Rain, Sport and Rider-configurable – all of which can be easily changed while on the move via the illuminated switch cubes.  The riding modes adjust the throttle response and traction control settings to suit rider preference and riding conditions.

For low energy consumption, increased durability and greater visibility, the Rocket 3 R has all-LED lighting, including a twin LED headlight, a beautifully-shaped tail light, indicators and the number plate light.

Dependent on the market, the headlights also incorporate the signature shaped LED Daytime Running Lights, increasing rider visibility to other road users.

As standard the Rocket comes equipped with hill hold control, cruise control, keyless ignition and keyless steering lock, and a USB charging socket.

A wide range of Triumph Genuine Accessories
As with all Triumphs models, there is a wide range of Genuine Accessories available for the new limited edition Rocket 3s, through which each rider can tailor their bike to suit their preferences. 

Among the available genuine accessories, customers can find Triumph Shift Assist, for clutchless up and down gear changes, heated grips (which come as standard on the Rocket 3 GT) and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for enhanced safety and control.

For more touring-oriented needs, a range of luggage is available with an innovative
Triumph patented cast aluminium pannier mounting system, interchangeable seats and handlebars and the Track+ and Protect+ tracking and alarm systems.

Due to Government restrictions, our Lisburn Showrooms will be temporarily closed to the public from 5pm on Thursday 24th December (Workshop fully open – see below).  

Some of our departments will still be able to offer service within the Government guidelines:

• After Sales and Workshop will be fully open and operating via phone and email

• Sales will be operating via phone and email

• Clothing will be operating via ‘Click and Ship’ via phone and email

• Web (online orders, Ebay & Amazon) will be operating normally

• E-Bikes/Cycles will be operating via phone and email  

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or drop us an email, our team are here and happy to help during this time. We hope that you and your family stay safe during these challenging times.

The new Tiger 850 Sport is the perfect all-rounder, with the perfect balance of accessible and intuitive every-day riding capability. Character and performance, agility with head turning poise, tailor-made for your riding needs.
Feel the distinctive Triumph triple engine character and tractability low down from the innovative T-plane crank and a dedicated 850 tune, with 85PS peak power and 82Nm of peak torque.
Brembo Stylema front brakes, Marzocchi suspension and high specification technology, including 5’’ TFT, 2 riding modes and all-LED lighting, to enhance every ride with maximum confidence, performance and safety.
A range of genuine Triumph accessories have been specifically designed to enhance the capability, styling and security of the Tiger 850 Sport. With over 60 to choose from, how will you configure yours?

For more details or to book a Sales Appointment, please call 028 9262 2886 (option 1) or email [email protected]


The new Trident 660 introduces an exciting new dimension in fun, performance and style to our motorcycle line-up, with a unique combination of torque rich triple engine, agile confidence-inspiring ride and class leading technology.
With a set-up and specification designed to set a new benchmark for handling, the new Trident delivers a confidence-inspiring, agile and fun ride, with a light steering weight, low seat height and slim width. Combining a wet weight of just 189kg, all-new tubular steel chassis, an ergonomic set-up designed to suit both experienced and new riders, lightweight 17’’ aluminium spoke wheels and tapered aluminium bars, the Trident is as great to ride as it is to look at.
The Triumph Trident is equipped with an elegantly styled all-new dashboard providing the rider with all necessary information in a compact, clean and uncluttered style through a colour TFT screen integrated with a crystal clear ‘white-on-black’ LCD display. The instruments, when implemented with the dedicated My Triumph Connectivity System accessory module, can also provide turn-by-turn navigation, GoPro control and phone and music control, all via Bluetooth, using the handlebar mounted switch cubes.
The Trident not only comes with class-leading technology, category-redefining rideability and a new Triumph iconic style, but it also brings an incredible value and a cost of ownership among the lowest in the premium motorcycle market.

Introducing Triumph’s first electric bicycle.

The Trekker – Price from: £2,950 – Demo bike available now!

Triumph’s passion for two-wheeled performance and riding fun brings together for the very first time the latest in e-drive bicycle technology alongside Triumph’s world renowned elegant style, comfort, quality and finish.

The new Trekker is the perfect all-road choice for commuting, fitness and everyday riding fun, enhanced by high specification branded equipment including premium components from Shimano and RockShox, and its high performing Shimano e-drive.

Combining performance engineering and a premium array of components with the latest iteration of Shimano’s battery and drivetrain technology, the Trekker is the very first e-cycle in Triumph’s 118-year history.

Designed in the UK by Triumph’s world leading styling team, the elegant frame combined with the narrow-width handlebars and the ultra-comfort of the Selle Royal Vivo saddle, provides the rider with optimal ergonomics and great rider control.


Frame: Triumph Trekker Alloy frame, full internal cable routing, integral lockable battery compartment with ABUS lock, satellite charging socket, QR Dropout.

Fork: Rockshox Paragon Silver TK 65mm travel with Turnkey lockout damper in diffusion black finish.

Front hub: Shimano HB-RM35, Center Lock disc, Quick Release axle

Rear hub: Shimano FH-RM35, Center Lock disc, Quick Release axle

Rim: Alex FR30, 36-hole, 30 mm width, Presta valve

Tyre: Schwalbe Energizer Plus Performance Greenguard 650b.

Battery: Shimano BT-8035 Integrated 504Wh

Charger: Shimano EC-E6002 2A with adaptor

Motor: Shimano DU-E6100, 250w, 60Nm.

Shifter: Shimano SL-M6000-R Deore, Rapidfire Plus 10 Speed

Rear: derailleur Shimano RD-M6000, long cage, Shadow Plus 10 Speed

Crank Arm: Shimano FC-E6100, *S/M – 170mm, L – 175mm with 38T Chain ring

Cassette: Shimano KCSHG5010136, 11-36T, 10-speed

Chain: KMC E10S 120L 10 Speed Nickel/Black

Pedal: Wellgo M272DU Alloy Bodied with reflector

Saddle: Selle Royal Vivo Havac Tech

Seat post: Triumph Alloy, 34.9 mm, *S/M 300mm L 350 mm length, Black

Handlebar: Triumph, Alloy 31.8 mm, 9º Rearwards, 680 mm width, Black

Grips: Triumph, Lock-On, 132mm, Black

Stem: Triumph Alloy 7º Rise, Black. *S – 70mm, M/L – 80mm.

Brake: Shimano BL-M6000/BR-M6000 Deore Levers/Calipers

Brake Rotor: Shimano SM-RT30 F-180mm, R-160mm

Front Light: Benex ET-3502-E 90 LUX LED 350LM with integrated reflector

Rear Light: Benex ET-3213-E LED with light tube, 50LM with integrated reflector

Kickstand: Ostand CD-177BA Alloy, Black

Cargo rack: Ostand EX-CP55-AB Alloy, Black

Rear Wheel Lock: ABUS 5850 Pro Shield

Weight Medium Frame – 24 kg. (Including battery) Weights may vary in final production.


Frame SizeSmall (450mm)Medium (500mm)Large (550mm)
Rider Height155cm -165cm165cm -180cm180cm +

More details can be found on Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. UK website here

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